5 Things To Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

Bathrooms may be small spaces but renovations in this part of the house could make a dent in your wallet. There are also many reasons for doing bathroom renovations. You may want your bathroom to be practical, you may want to save on your energy bills or make the bathroom more comfortable and safe for family members. Here are the top 5 things to consider when renovating your bathroom. 

Take note of room dimensions and positions of doors and windows.

This is the first step to renovation since these will affect your new floor plan and consequently, your budget. If you are planning on moving the doors, windows or skylights to new locations inside the space, you will need to allow more time and expense to complete these jobs.

Determine the cavity space.

Renovations often involve moving pipes and fittings to new locations. However, this becomes harder to do if you have solid brick walls surrounding the bathroom area as compared to plasterboard walls. Drilling out new cavity spaces will take more time and labour if you are facing solid brick or cement walls. 

Take out what you don't need.

If you have small, cramped bathrooms, the best thing to do would be to take unused elements out. Look at how you or your family use the bathroom and decide what items to take out from there. For example, if no one uses the bathtub, take it out to have more space for the sink area or you can create a larger shower area. Take out extra lighting fixtures if one or two bulbs is enough. More space improves the ventilation inside the room and makes it easier to move around in.

Go green.

Older homes tend to have outdated bathrooms with parts and fixtures that are not as energy efficient as most bathroom components today. Go green by installing low-flow showerheads and faucets, increase the light coming through the windows by installing larger windows and use washing lids, which are sinks that can be installed on top of the tank so that handwashing water can be reused as flush water. Not only will these updates lower your carbon footprint, you will also lower your energy and water bills.

Work with experts.

If you are taking care of different areas of the bathroom, such as replacing tiles, toilet bowls, installing a bath or spa and replacing the lights, you will need different professionals for each task. Each task has specific technical requirements that may be too much for your local plumber to handle. Round up a team of experts to help you with every aspect of renovation to limit the risk of glitches down the road. For example, new bathroom tilling in Wellington will need expert bathroom tillers Wellington. If you are looking for professional bathroom tilling in Wellington there are a number of professional renovation companies that offer this as one of their services.

Bathroom renovations are far from cheap and when done haphazardly can be a source of problems that will follow you long after the renovation is done. Plan ahead and work with experts in order to have a smooth, hassle-free operation that will make your bathroom fabulous in no time.